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With more and more devices becoming touch enabled, used by kids or taken wherever we go it is essential to keep them clean and free of fingerprints, dirt, grime and bacteria.

Refresh is a range of advanced cleaning solutions for all the latest Mac products. Designed exclusively for Apple stores and formulated to work perfectly with Apple Mac screens, Keyboards and casings.

This is the sister site of TECHLINK and is dedicated to the Refresh product range.

Refresh - Anti-Bacterial Spray, Wipes, Clothes and Cleaning Blades.

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Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Anywhere

Techlink has designed a new generation of cleaning products specifically formulated for Apple iPads, iPhones, iMac screens and keyboards.

Specially designed Travel kits make it easy when using airlines and there are a range of other sizes to suit the home and the office.

With its advanced apple scented, anti-bacterial cleaning formula, the Refresh range will leave your devices looking clean and smelling fresh!

recharge range

Refresh solutions

All Refresh Anti-Bacterial solutions were formulated to not only be effective in cleaning your computer displays, keyboards and touch screens but to also be kind to the environment.

With a pleasing scent specially developed for the Refresh range, you can use our sprays and wipes safe in the knowledge that the only thing you are hurting is the dirt grime and bacteria on your device.

The Refresh formula's anti-static, alcohol and ammonia-free properties allow you to safely clean, protect, and preserve your displays.