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QUESTION: Can I get access to the Material Safety Data Sheet?

ANSWER: Yes, please see the Downloads section at the top of this page.

QUESTION: Is the screen and keyboard formula the same?

ANSWER: In the Complete Cleaning Kit, there are two different products – the Screen Cleaning Kit (Blue) is designed for screens and the Keyboard Cleaning Kit (Green) is specifically designed for Keyboards and should not be sprayed on the screens.

QUESTION: How much spray should I spray onto my Screen or Keyboard?

ANSWER: The formula will provide a powerful clean and we recommend that for small screens or keyboards you spray 1-2 pumps at 10-15cm distance, for a larger screen 3-4 pumps at 10-15cm distance.
If the screen/keyboard is still not clean, repeat the process, rather than spraying more fluid initially..

QUESTION: When is it best to clean my screen?

ANSWER: Heat generated by electronic devices causes the screen cleaning formula to dry up too quickly on the screen, therefore we recommend cleaning with a dry cleaning cloth if switched on, or switching the device off and letting it cool down before cleaning with the Screen Cleaning formula. It is best to clean the screen first thing in the morning with the computer switched off over night.

QUESTION: Should I store the Cleaning Cloth in the 100ml/200ml Cleaning Kits when wet?

ANSWER: We do not recommend storing a wet cloth in the Cleaning Kit storage cap, this could result in mould developing on the cloth. Please allow to air dry before storing away.

QUESTION: Can I wash the Cleaning Cloth?

ANSWER: Yes, the cleaning cloth can be washed and washing instructions are provided on the cloth itself. A gentle rinse under the tap will get rid of most dust or dirt, however sometimes a stronger wash is required.

QUESTION: I’ve lost my instruction manual can you provide another?

ANSWER: Please visit the Downloads section for a downloadable PDF version of the Instruction Manuals – these can be reads online or printed off for your reference.

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QUESTION: Is the Screen Cleaning formula safe to use on all Screens?

ANSWER: Yes, the formula is safe to use on all screens, even those with anti-glare coatings.

QUESTION: My screen has a scratch or mark in the coating, can I still use the screen cleaning sprays?

ANSWER: If there is any mark or damage to the screen we do not recommend spraying directly onto the screen. Please use the Cleaning cloth initially or spray a small amount of the fluid onto the cloth and apply this to dirtier areas avoiding the damaged area.

QUESTION: Is the Screen Cleaning Fluid safe to drink?

ANSWER: We do not suggest you drink the fluid, please seek medical advice if any is ingested. For any fluid that makes contact with your eyes, clean thoroughly with clean water and seek medical advice.

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QUESTION: What do I do if I spray the Keyboard formula on the screen?

ANSWER: If you accidentally spray the Keyboard Cleaning Blade on a screen, dry the sprayed area with a tissue and clean with the screen cleaning kit.

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