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Travel Cleaning Kit 100ml

A stylish and portable scented Anti-Bacterial Spray and Anti-Microbial cleaning cloth retained within the unit, ideal for air travel. Spray and wipe your device free of finger prints, built up dirt, grime and bacteria.

Quick-Dry Cleaning Wipes

The quick dry wipes are perfect to keep with you at all times and are ideal to keep your iPad, iPhone or iPod sparking clean. The anti-bacterial formula also has a pleasent fresh scent.

iPad Cleaning Blade

The iPad Cleaning Blade is a compact, advanced all-in-one cleaning solution with concealed storage and precision moulded sponges they ensure that your devices are cleaned to perfection.

recharge range

refresh Travel cleaning kit

Anti-Bacterial Spray and Cloth

A stylish and portable scented Anti-Bacterial Spray and Anti-Microbial cleaning cloth retained within the unit.

• Suitable for all Apple Screens and casings
• Scented Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaning Fluid (100ml)
• Ultra Gentle Anti-Microbial Cleaning Cloth
• Concealed Cleaning Cloth Storage
• Twist Lock Nozzle
• Handy Travel Size Suitable for Air Travel
• Stylish Design With Vibrant Blue Satin finish
• Comfortable, One-Handed Spray Action
• Cleaning Cloth is Re-usable and Washable

recharge range

refresh Quick-Dry Cleaning Wipes

Anti-Bacterial Wipe for all iPhone, iPad & iPod Screens

A handy portable wipes dispenser with 150x Quick-Drying Anti-Bacterial Wipes. Perfect for on-the-go cleaning to keep your Apple Devices free from fingerprints and built up Dirt and Grime.

• Suitable for all Apple Screens and casings
• Handy Bag-Sized Dispenser
• Sealed Lid To Prevent Wipes Drying Out
• Scented Anti-Bacterial Wipes Removes Bacteria and Germs From Screen
• Quick-Dry Formula Leaves Screens Free From Dirt & Grime
• Easy to Replace

recharge range

refresh travel cleaning kit

Advanced Spray and Wipe Cleaning System

A unique All-in-One Cleaning Kit designed for one handed spray and swipe cleaning. With swappable sponges that allow you to switch between Screen and Keyboard cleaning functions and with its improved Scented Anti-Bacterial Cleaning formula it will leave your devices smelling and looking fresh.

• Scented Anti-Bacterial Cleaning Fluid (10ml)
• Unique Design With Concealed Replaceable Fluid Bottle and Replaceable Sponges
• Easy To Replace 10ml Fluid Bottle
• Swappable Screen & Keyboard Sponges
• Ultra-Gentle Anti-Microbial Cloth Covered Sponges
• Ideal for use with iPad, iPhone, iPods and
flat wireless keyboards

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